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Scallog ontwerpt en verkoopt een robotachtige oplossing voor ordervoorbereiding voor distributieplatforms. De oplossing, Scallog SystemTM genaamd, begeleidt en implementeert een vloot van mobiele robots die in staat zijn om opslagruimtes te verplaatsen naar picking- en suppletiestations.
With the rise of digitalization and e-commerce, Scallog strove to fully understand the challenges of modern logistics and has developed an innovative robotic solution to increase productivity in warehouses.

This solution stands out thanks to its Scallog SystemTM software, which monitors the entire logistics platform and has been specifically designed to be directly linked to the customers’ ERP or WMS. This software is the real added value of the solution. It allows real-time control and traceability of all product references as well as an optimization of stock rotations and internal flows according to seasonality. The goal is maximum efficiency and profitability in inventory management and order picking processes.

The robot fleet supervised by the Scallog SystemTM software facilitates picking by providing the operator with shelves containing the required products. Each operator can achieve up to 600 “peaks” per hour against 100 to 150 using a conventional pedestrian organization. The operator work is easier, his safety is assured, the tasks’ hardness is reduced and the operation efficiency is increased.

This automation makes possible to save up to 30% on warehouse space and densify in height thanks to the addition of mezzanine for 20 to 40% of additional productivity. The solution is particularly suitable for products such as spare parts, cosmetics, clothing, shoes, toys, books … The flexibility and modularity of the system (no ground anchorage) allows it to be deployed on any warehouses of any size and make it a tool of competitiveness (ROI under 2 years) able to follow the revolution of e-commerce and industry 4.0 in progress. Welcome to Supply Chain 4.0!

The Scallog solution is now expanding internationally with several projects deployed in Asia, particularly in Singapore, and development projects in Germany, Spain and Brazil. Fifteen well-known companies including Airbus, Rhenus Logisitics, Sanofi, Decathlon, L’Oreal Paris and ADS Rakuten are already equipped in France.

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